My album

So this is a new blog and the idea is it’ll be home to PWL news and anything else I feel like posting. For now the only news is that my album’s back from the big factory and this is what it looks like.

my album!

my album!

You can order it from the Pagan Wanderer Lu website here:

This is the Tracklisting:

1.Anger Management
2.The Gentlemen’s Game
3.Good Christian/Bad Christian
4.(You & Me and) Winston Churchill
5.The Tree of Knowledge
6.2.0///The Bridge of Sighs
7.Stop Traveller! Stop and Read!
8.The Memorial Hall
9.Simple Life/Repetition 4
10.Ten Cities is not a european tour
11.England Expects
14.Pockets in Shrouds
15.Millionaires Need People Like You

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6 Responses to “My album”

  1. Tommy Bingo Says:

    Gosh that looks nice!

  2. g Says:

    cool cover (sounds nice too!)

  3. yo soy Says:

    About time Pockets in Shrouds saw the day of light.

  4. BootlegBetsy Says:

    Exciting! This looks very impressive. I like the colour – it reminds me of the original Roland.

  5. Scatman Dan Says:

    Any chance the blog feed can output the whole article, rather than just the summary? Pet hate of mine.

    (tip: under Settings -> Reading, next to “For each article in a feed, show”, select “Full text”)

  6. paganwandererlu Says:

    hey dan,

    it’s already set to ‘full text’. any other suggestions?



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