Interview with Shape Functions

I’m doing a gig next week with Max Tundra, which is ace. What’s also ace is that it’s being put on by Cardiff’s joint* finest record label and event promoter Shape Records & Functions. What is, furthermore, ace is that head honcho Mark (who is also 33.333rec% of Attack + Defend) interviewed me by e-mail.

In the interview you will learn how much I like spreadsheets and what exactly ‘Lu’ means, sort of…

Read it here

*jointly with businessman records and all the other ones I’ve probably forgotten


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2 Responses to “Interview with Shape Functions”

  1. Matt In The Hat Says:

    I bought one of those chewable toothbrushes (well, two actually as they come in pairs) a fortnight ago on a road-trip to London.

    They’re like chewing begrudged love.

  2. brotherjunkierat Says:

    interesting read.

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