Interview with Ragged Words


I’ve been interviewed yet again. This time a quick e-mail Q&A with Ragged Words. I’ve done my usual thing and gone into far too much detail.

“I predict that ‘a bit like Muse with some drum loops and a synth’ will be the sound of 2010”

Read it here

Incidentally the photo above which was used by both Ragged Words and Bearded is by Kirsten McTernan who’s done lots of wonderful photos for me, and also designed my album artwork. She’s an ace photographer and every time someone uses one of her shots of me they fail to credit her, which makes me sad. So consider this a vague attempt to redress the balance.

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One Response to “Interview with Ragged Words”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    I’ve only just seen this post Andy, so thanks!

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