MiniOrgan [gawp of the week]

I’ve spent the day green-eyed with envy, swimming in a puddle of my own nostalgic drool after discovering It’s an awesome site full of one enthusiastic German’s geeky gushings about his collection of obscure toy instruments. He should open a museum.

I was searching for a Suzuki Tronichord – an early precursor to the Omnichord – and it was the first site that came up.

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing. Sadly I can’t find any for sale. So if you see one and fancy getting me a present…


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3 Responses to “MiniOrgan [gawp of the week]”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Did you ever find a tronichord? Like you I am also looking for one. My wife really misses one she had years ago. Please be kind enough to give me any leads. I would be willing to keep your adress handy if I find anything and you are still looking.



    • paganwandererlu Says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I never really searched that hard. I already own an omnichord. So I can’t help I’m afraid. Good luck in your search!


  2. Jonathan Says:

    Heres one on ebay.

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