Spotify Playlist

So I’ve been trying this new Spotify thing cos someone told me my songs were on there. It’s pretty good. Basically like iTunes but free. I think free music is pretty much how things are going to be from now on. People who aren’t willing to advertise cereal bars, sun cream, and gobstoppers won’t be able to make a living from music. So it goes.

That aside here is a playlist of other people’s music which you can listen to for free using Spotify.

Click Here

I won’t tell you what’s on it. It’ll be a nice surprise for you.


One Response to “Spotify Playlist”

  1. BRNLV Says:

    We do actually get streaming revenue from either the ad-based or membership fee Spotify income. The exact figure isn’t apparent yet, but I thought BRNLV should give it a try and see. We can easily pull the stuff if it’s literally pennies, we’ll see. Warp did.

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