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‘Anger Management’ video

March 27, 2009

Latest video:

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This one was hard going. Filming your own face in a public place for two uninterrupted 25 minute takes can make you feel pretty weird. Seemingly only person actually noticed what I was doing. Still that’s London for you. Maybe I’ll post the raw footage on YouTube to appease any really bored stalkers I may have.

Anyone spot themselves in the background? I was hoping to catch someone engaged in nefarious activity, in a google street view stylee…

The 15 Films thing got a mention by Bearded this week. Rapidly becoming my favourite magazine. Their new issue is out now. Sadly it doesn’t feature me but it does feature my friend and fellow Isopod enthusiast Paul Hawkins.

Also another music site has done a review of the album. Other exciting things are happening but I’ll save them for another time.

Until then…