‘Ten Cities…’ video/Internet Forever

This is a video for ‘Ten Cities is not a european tour’. It’s a live version from a gig in February. Kind of murky visually, perhaps one to have playing in the background so you can listen to my awesome drumpad shenanigans and imagine what they might have looked like had the ambient lighting been better…

Vimeo Link

In London-finding news I went there this weekend (hence late blog) for some exciting collaborative recordings which will emerge in due course.

In possibly-related news my New Favourite Band are Internet Forever who I saw live at RoTa. Featuring my old buddy Chris ‘Used to be in Junkplanet’ Alcxxk they do the kind of unadorned pop magic that reminds you why you started liking music in the first place, before the demons of cynicism set in and started gnawing on your brain’s pleasure centres, forever numbing you to the simple magic of a tuneful refrain joyfully sung…

Anyway they’re great. I predict they’re going to write a summer pop hit so unwittingly awesome and chart-bustingly huge that they’ll all be able to buy a yacht with a swimming pool onboard containing another smaller yacht made of gold… each.

You can listen to me playing one of their songs (and getting the lyrics wrong) here.

Anyway I’m playing with them at the Lexington in Big London on the 17th of April, so why not come? (Other gigs are available).

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