Fight My Battle (sic) For Me – out now digitally

My album, which is called ‘Fight My Battles For Me’, has been released digitally today. However for some reason all the mp3 stores are calling it ‘Fight My Battle For Me’. Such is life.


Anyway if you want to splash out on shiny new mp3 versions with erroneous titles go to these places:

eMusic (by subscription – this is a really good site)
Amazon £4.99
It’s also on iTunes for £7.99 – I think it’s on the non-DRM version.

Maybe the wrongly titled versions will become collectors items in years to come. Like when the Manics released ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’ and there were about 150 copies printed with the word ‘Then’ wrongly dropped in the middle of the title. They now sell for hundreds of pounds. Fuck knows why.

Anyway, don’t forget you can already buy FMBFM on CD from my website or from Brainlove. The CD will be in your local record shop on May 25th via Cargo.

Something very exciting and interesting coming up on the blog later this week. Stay tuned.

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