Like PWL? Amazon recommends…

I just received one of those ‘We’ve noticed people who buy [X] also buy [Y]…’ e-mails from amazon. Except it was saying that people who bought ‘Fight My Battles For Me’ also bought ‘The Future Sound of Yesterday‘ by a band called Implosion Quintet.

How exciting. This presumably means people have bought my album from amazon, which is almost as exciting as it being in HMV [NB the cheapest place to buy it is still my website].

Looking at the website ‘Implosion Quintet’ seems in fact to be one bloke in his bedroom with the following things to say:

“[the band is] a crossover that blends tango, rock, proggy retro-electronics and jazz. Basically a composite of the various elements I really love. Everything is deliberately lo-fi and unpolished out of choice because realism and good old-fashioned grit are unquestionably the way forward.”


He doesn’t perform live because “while I could laptop it up and tweak out a roomful of boink that would be about as captivating as watching me complete a tax return.”

Ahem… never heard of a monome?

Anyway, I’ve yet to listen to him but here’s his myspace.

Hmm… lengthy plug for 100% unheard band. Is this how I should use my blog?

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One Response to “Like PWL? Amazon recommends…”

  1. Implosion Quintet Says:

    Thanks for the lengthy plug. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your debut too. I’ve not been lucky enough to actually witness a shop-stock moment though, given my location.

    That monome reminded me a little of the tenori-on. Still wouldn’t replace a proper 5-piece though… πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again, and best of luck with the album.

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