if FMBFM was a double vinyl record…

Then this would be the tracklisting:

Side One
Anger Management
The Gentlemen’s Game
Good Christian/Bad Christian
(You & Me and) Winston Churchill

Side Two
The Tree of Knowledge
2.0///The Bridge of Sighs
Stop Traveller! Stop and Read!
The Memorial Hall

Side Three
Simple Life/Repetition 4
Ten Cities is not a european tour
England Expects

Side Four
track 13
Pockets in Shrouds
Millionaires Need People Like You

Same songs, same order… but take it like that and I think it suddenly doesn’t seem as long.

I don’t want people thinking I’m really hung up about these ‘it’s a bit too long’ comments in all the reviews. This blog post took all of two minutes to write and wasn’t particularly pre-meditated. Just an idle, passing thought…

But I do think the ability to divide an album into four sides is one more small joy that’s been lost to the mp3 era.


2 Responses to “if FMBFM was a double vinyl record…”

  1. BRNLV Says:

    Your album isn’t too long. The post 2.0 attention span is too short.

  2. Dan Q Says:

    Yesterday, while cycling to give a presentation at Oxford Library TeachMeet, my MP3 player randomly decided that I hadn’t heard Simple Life/Repetition 4 in too long and so that I ought to. Man, I’d forgotten how awesome that song is.

    When I got home, I would have totally put on Fight My Battles’ Side Three on our record player (which would also include England Expects, another of my favourite PWL songs) and heard it again. But alas, such a thing does not exist.

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