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The School tour reviews

March 31, 2010

Found a couple of reviews of my sets on the School tour. They both seemed to like me.

from the Bush Hall gig - picture by acb (click to his flickr)

“Some mighty deep songs, in the context of the universe what about the Mona Lisa, and some mighty shallow stuff about going to PizzaExpress. Imagine MJ Hibbett crossed with Denim and you’d be in the right brane.”
Ill and Ancient

(I don’t recall writing a song about pizza express but I could be wrong…)

“There seems to be a knotty heart to each song, circled by an esoteric braininess and some killer one-liners that I signally fail to write down”
The Joy Collective


Free download EP

March 30, 2010

Quick note to say that if you preorder European Monsoon from me or Brainlove you will now get a free 6 track download EP called ‘A Neuron Poem Soon’ in your inbox too.

Tracklist thus:
1. Even the Cacti
2. I am a Scientist (Guided by Voices cover)
3. Dots
4. The Legend of…
5. Real Fun
6. Track Thirteen (live at the barracks)

Tracks 1-5 were all recorded during the EM sessions. Track 6 is an outtake done during the recording of piano parts for FMBFM.

(If you’ve already ordered from me I’ll send it soon – or if you bought it at a show then e-mail me to request it)

Band members wanted

March 29, 2010

I’ve decided to have another go at putting a band together to tour European Monsoon. You have to be able to practice in Cardiff and able to do gigs probably in May – July.

I’m looking for people who can play:
Bass gtr
Keyboards – 2 people
Violin (possibly doubling up as keyboard player)
the ability to do backing vocals will be an advantage

e-mail if yr interested. Please post links to this blog or tweet it etc if you want to help.


CD’s have arrived!

March 10, 2010

They were made by Disc Wizards.
Update: order a copy now via my web shop.

My e-mail to the BBC Trust

March 2, 2010

Dear BBC Trust,

May I respectfully suggest that if the BBC chooses to axe 6 Music it should also make a public statement that it will never brand any future programming, or otherwise seek to associate itself, with the late great John Peel?

6 Music is the radio station which is closest in spirit to the high standard of music broadcasting he effortlessly set in his life. To cut it would be to make the statement that the BBC no longer has any wish to support broadcasting in that tradition.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Regan