The School tour reviews

Found a couple of reviews of my sets on the School tour. They both seemed to like me.

from the Bush Hall gig - picture by acb (click to his flickr)

“Some mighty deep songs, in the context of the universe what about the Mona Lisa, and some mighty shallow stuff about going to PizzaExpress. Imagine MJ Hibbett crossed with Denim and you’d be in the right brane.”
Ill and Ancient

(I don’t recall writing a song about pizza express but I could be wrong…)

“There seems to be a knotty heart to each song, circled by an esoteric braininess and some killer one-liners that I signally fail to write down”
The Joy Collective

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2 Responses to “The School tour reviews”

  1. Branloaf Says:

    Maybe he misheard summat about “a pizza instead” on European Monsoon?

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