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Interview on Adam Walton show

April 19, 2010

I did an interview last night on Adam Walton’s show on BBC Radio Wales. Adam was the first DJ to play PWL, he ‘spun’ the demo of ‘Our New Hopsital Sucks’ back in 2005 (!). We had a good chat about the new album, and he asked a few interesting questions. He also played three songs from EM.

You can listen again to it here. It starts about 1hr20mins into the show (it’ll be up until Sun 25th).

The album now has a release date set for 14th June with ‘Banish Negative Thoughts’ coming out as a single a week earlier backed with ‘Even The Cacti’ and a Napoleon IIIrd remix. This is the cover by Adam from Croatoan Design.

There are also 3 new songs now on my myspace.

All systems go.



April 16, 2010

Balls to the leader’s debates, Mrs Lu and I decided to give it a miss and go up Caerphilly mountain to have a look at what the sunset looked liked through the Icelandic volcanic ash…

It was nice to see a few other folks up there, reassuring that some people in the world still take the time to just go and look at the sunset. Especially in the midst of the electionoise.

Random Anecdote

April 9, 2010

When I played in Northampton in January of 2007 I was standing around after my set holding a cardboard box full of Independent Scrtuineer CD’s when a man came up to and asked what was in the box.
“It’s some CD’s” I replied
“Oh right, I thought it might be those things… you know. In toilets.”
“In toilets?”
“Yeah, little blue things.”
“Urinal cakes?”
“Yeah, those are the ones!”
“Why would I be holding a box of those?”
“I dunno. I thought maybe it was the latest craze.”

He didn’t buy one, but ever since I regularly enjoy speculating whether things may or may not be the latest craze.

*New Feature*
Have Your Say:
Have you ever been to Northampton? Did anything weird happen?


April 6, 2010

Here’s another free mp3. I found this one whilst rearranging my folders. It’s dated 06/09/2008. Another instrumental experiment. Not entirely sure how I did this. Looking at the workflow it seems like I was experimenting with noise gates at different volumes to trigger different effects. I’m pretty sure this is basically a live take of a guitar over a drum loop but I can’t remember. I’d sort of forgotten it existed. The only change I’ve made today is a slight fade.

Anyway listening again it’s quite creepy. A bit like Boards of Canada stuck in a traffic jam with Tom Waits.

Unguitar mp3

Oh and go on, whilst we’re on the subject here’s another experiment with guitar from about a year later. This time everything was done after recording. As the name suggests, I was going for a bit of a Fennesz feel. This was done the same day as ‘judddr’ which I uploaded a while ago.

Fenntesszt mp3

(Don’t forget I do actual songs as well. European Monsoon available to preorder now from me and Brainlove…)