Random Anecdote

When I played in Northampton in January of 2007 I was standing around after my set holding a cardboard box full of Independent Scrtuineer CD’s when a man came up to and asked what was in the box.
“It’s some CD’s” I replied
“Oh right, I thought it might be those things… you know. In toilets.”
“In toilets?”
“Yeah, little blue things.”
“Urinal cakes?”
“Yeah, those are the ones!”
“Why would I be holding a box of those?”
“I dunno. I thought maybe it was the latest craze.”

He didn’t buy one, but ever since I regularly enjoy speculating whether things may or may not be the latest craze.

*New Feature*
Have Your Say:
Have you ever been to Northampton? Did anything weird happen?


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2 Responses to “Random Anecdote”

  1. Branloaf Says:

    I have never been to Northampton, I don’t think, but if I have, something truly weird took place because I can’t remember a THING about it.

  2. Mr S. Pill Says:

    I’ve never been to Northampton either. I’ve been to Nottingham, does that count?

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