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European Monsoon out next week/Launch gig

June 10, 2010

So it’s nearly here. The blog’s been a little quiet of late as I’ve been very busy doing things which actually relate to music (fancy that?) – although of course my twitter keeps ticking over…

The new album is out on the 14th June through digital outlets and record shops via Cargo. Last time you could get it in HMV, but please support your local independent shop – or alternatively buy it from me or from Brainlove.

The day after (15th June) I’ll be performing a special show at the Old Blue Last in London with my new band. This is a new lineup than the old ‘Volunteers‘ band I had in 2007. This time I’m joined by Ben on drums, ‘Buzz’ on keyboards, Eleanor on synth and violin, and another Ben on bass and gadgets – as well as the faithful PWL Powerbook. It sounds pretty massive to be honest.

I meant to take a picture of us practicing or something but I forgot so here’s a picture of me on my own (by the ever wonderful Kirsten McTernan):

We’ll be playing the whole album all the way through, and this might be the only time we get to do that so don’t miss it! Most importantly the gig is FREE and it also features Stairs to Korea launching his new single, and A Scholar & A Physician who aren’t launching anything but will just be doing good fun stuff.

There’s one of those Facebook event things for it. So help burglars and stalkers know your whereabouts by clicking ‘attending’.

There’ll also be a single out in July – ‘Banish Negative Thoughts’ backed with ‘Even the Cacti’ and remixes by Napoleon IIIrd and Dreamtrak Diamond Sound. Digital only.

Tour dates are being booked as you read (contact me if you want to book).