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Written in a day

June 18, 2010

Every PWL record since 2002, with the notable exception of ‘The Independent Scrutineer’, has included at least one song which was written and recorded from scratch in a single day – more often than not that’s also the version that gets released. Here, for no particular reason, is a list of those songs:


European Monsoon = Self Doubt Gun
Fight My Battles = Anger Management, Ten Cities, Knots (though not these exact versions), Track 13
Build Library Here (or else!) = Harp & Chainsaw
Restless Revolution Day By Day = Billie Holiday


A Neuron Poem Soon – Real Fun, Dots
Omega Point = Brighton Pier (not this exact version)
Perfection R.I.P. = Perfection or a Simple Life, eskomolto
My heartfelt duty = every song
Independent Scrutineer = none
Siop Enoc Hughes = A song for when yr just tired
Monkeys of the Shitty Island – Ten Cities is not a european tour
Jazzy Jungle Memorial Hall = Teach Yourself Patience
No More Roads = No More Films, Montreal 33
Enjoy Travelling = If you were a Kilroy Guest

Most PWL songs take months or more to write, and I don’t really sit down to play them until they’re finished in my head. At the moment I’m finishing off a couple of songs that I started writing in 2006.