Written in a day

Every PWL record since 2002, with the notable exception of ‘The Independent Scrutineer’, has included at least one song which was written and recorded from scratch in a single day – more often than not that’s also the version that gets released. Here, for no particular reason, is a list of those songs:


European Monsoon = Self Doubt Gun
Fight My Battles = Anger Management, Ten Cities, Knots (though not these exact versions), Track 13
Build Library Here (or else!) = Harp & Chainsaw
Restless Revolution Day By Day = Billie Holiday


A Neuron Poem Soon – Real Fun, Dots
Omega Point = Brighton Pier (not this exact version)
Perfection R.I.P. = Perfection or a Simple Life, eskomolto
My heartfelt duty = every song
Independent Scrutineer = none
Siop Enoc Hughes = A song for when yr just tired
Monkeys of the Shitty Island – Ten Cities is not a european tour
Jazzy Jungle Memorial Hall = Teach Yourself Patience
No More Roads = No More Films, Montreal 33
Enjoy Travelling = If you were a Kilroy Guest

Most PWL songs take months or more to write, and I don’t really sit down to play them until they’re finished in my head. At the moment I’m finishing off a couple of songs that I started writing in 2006.


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