European Monsoon reviews so far

Thought I’d whip up a list of what people have been saying about the new record:

“These songs should last forever” 9/10 – Drowned in Sound

“A release that by rights ought to see the Cardiff-based act attain national treasure status” 4/5 – MusicOMH

“Regan’s quest to force scattershot ambition into its own vaguely accessible shape of warped electronic song trickery continues on a fine course”Sweeping the Nation

“A testament to one man’s over abundance of creativity” 7/10 –

“It’s a cliché to say but it is genuinely unlike anything you’ve ever heard before”

“By blending the simple and the simply mental, he stretches the boundaries with music to captivate the imagination. Like a post graduate student wearing multi-coloured flares and a top hat, it is eccentric yet undeniably well educated.”For The Record

There was also a review in Artrocker where the chap said some nice-sounding things which I found utterly incomprehensible. He also seemed to listen to the album in reverse order, but he gave it 4/5 so never mind. Here it is.

If you’ve seen any more let me know. But just remember fans, the only people who really matter are you… *blub*
Also, as there’s a bit of confusion from the reviewers, wikipedia is no help, and no one can find my website, let me go on record as saying: ‘European Monsoon’ is my fourth album and I have done sixteen EPs.

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  1. Pagan Wanderer Lu – European Monsoon « Says:

    […] review also got namechecked on Pagan Wanderer Lu’s blog alongside big names like DrownedInSound, MusicOMH and Artrocker. Something I’m very pleased […]

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