New single out today

‘Banish Negative Thoughts’ is out today from digital places. The tracklist is thus:

1.Banish Negative Thoughts
2.Even The Cacti
3.A Girl Named Aeroplane (Dreamtrak remix)
4.Banish Negative Thoughts (Napoleon IIIrd remix)

‘Cacti’ is a cleaned up mix from the one you may already have on the free mp3 bundle. Here is what I said about the other two remixes in an interview for The Line of Best Fit:

“Napoleon basically took the omnichord/circuit bending parts and looped it into a drone for about seven minutes. It really reminds me of the Spiritualized ‘Electric Mainline’ stuff they did before ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ – also a bit Fuck Buttons maybe? I love it. It’s like a completely different thing. He stuck a bit of vocals in as well, possibly just to avoid offending me but really he could’ve just spun the drone out for twice as long with no vocals at all and it would still have been good.

“When Oli Dreamtrak said he wanted to do ‘A Girl Named Aeroplane’ I was intrigued. It wasn’t an obvious choice for his big dancefloor-style productions but I knew he’d come up with something good. He’s reworked it so one of the more peripheral parts of the track is now this huge synth riff. You can see a club full of people loving it, but then being bummed out by the words…”

UPDATE: It’s had a review on For Folk’s Sake


I’m playing in London this Friday (16th) for Records Make Great Pets – details here.

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