A Neuron Poem Soon

To celebrate going on tour I’ve assembled another CD-R release collecting all the non-album stuff from European Monsoon. It includes b-sides from the previous and forthcoming singles, four excellent remixes by friends and colleagues, the previous (identically titled) download EP, plus one unreleased song.


1. Even The Cacti
2. Margam Park
3. The Book Burners
4. Banish Negative Thoughts (Napoleon IIIrd remix)
5. Chemicals Like You (Tau Zero remix)
6. A Girl Named Aeroplane (Dreamtrak remix)
7. Version 5.1 (Romantic Rights remix)
8. I am a Scientist (by Guided by Voices)
9. Dots
10. The Legend of…
11. Real Fun
12. Bad Poem For A Dead Classmate
13. ————- (live at the barracks)

The cover is once again by Adam Chard of Croatoan design, who also contributes a remix as one half of Tau Zero.

It’ll be available at all the tour dates and you can preorder it through the PWL shop now. Preorders will probably be sent in about two weeks’ time. It’s album length but only £5 so you’d be stupid not to buy it. Literally stupid.

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