Chemicals Like You single out this week

My new single was released yesterday via The Internet. Tracklist is below and the cover is above. The final piece in the ‘Quadrilogy’ of bird pictures created by Adam of Croatoan Design who also contributes a remix as one half of Tau Zero. The other remix is by Ben from Romantic Rights, who also plays drums in the European Monsoon band.

The two b-side songs were orginally planned to be the final two tracks of European Monsoon, until I wrote some more songs which I thought made it flow a bit better. I still think they’re album-quality taken as individual songs but they just slowed it down a little too much.

Full tracklist is:

1.Chemicals Like You
2.Margam Park
3.The Book Burners
4.Chemicals Like You (Tau Zero remix)
5.Version 5.1 (Romantic Rights remix)

All these tracks are available on the new 13 track compilation CD-R ‘A Neuron Poem Soon’ which is available only from me direct in the PWL web shop.

There’s a video in production for the song and it’ll be online as soon as it’s done.

Don’t forget there are still two dates left on the Brainlove tour:

8th October – MANCHESTER – Kings Arms, Salford *FULL BAND*
9th October – BRISTOL – The Attic

I’ll be posting more about the tour once it’s all over.


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