Defunct Devices


I’ve made a new record. It’s called ‘Defunct Devices’ and I’ve decided to release it as Pagan Wanderer Lu, because that’s what everyone calls me anyway.

It began its life in the lockdown. I was one of the people lucky enough to be able to keep working from home as the world went mad. For me that meant pitching up the laptop in the spare room – the ‘music room’. I starting playing with the synths more, and in the end I started playing the guitar more. And then songs came out.

So Defunct Devices is ten songs which were written on the electric guitar. This isn’t a terribly unusual thing to do – as you may be aware. But it’s the first record I’ve made that way.

Don’t worry, it’s still weird. There are still synths. But this record has also been… easy? It’s been ten years since I released my last album ‘Dinas Powys‘ – that was also ‘easy’. And it came off the back of ‘The Signal and the Noise‘ – which was very difficult.

In between there has been another record called ‘Planets in the Wires’. A big complex, high concept record made with mostly synthesisers. I got a bit bogged down in it. It was difficult. I needed to make something easy to unblock myself – and now I’ve done that, I think ‘Planets…’ stands a chance of seeing the light of day pretty soon.

Anyway, the more important thing is…. Defunct Devices exists.

You can preorder it now here. The release date says January but if you order the CD you’ll probably get it a lot sooner.

You can listen to the first song too. It’s called ‘Bug Hotel’, this arose during the lockdown. I was doing an online craft thing with my kids, making a bug hotel, and thinking about climate change. I was’t sure a bug hotel would cut it in the face of… everything. I fight climate change for a living now, which feels positive. We have to try.

I’ve already lied about writing everything on electric guitar, because this song was written on the bass guitar. I apologise.

The track features my close personal friend Spencer Segelov on guitar and backing vocals. His parts make the song a lot better.

The artwork is by – not sure if it’s a secret who that is?

It was mastered by Charlie Francis, who is a world renowned mastering engineer.

I’ll do more posts as we go along about the other songs. There’s a pop music video coming soon too.

That’s all for now. It feels weird to be ‘back’. I’ve not stopped working on music for ten years, but it’s been ten years nonetheless.

Wonder who’s still out there?


3 Responses to “Defunct Devices”

  1. Dan Q Says:

    Oh my god I’m so excited I could burst.

  2. Dan Q Says:

    I fight climate for a living now

    I was so excited I went and ordered a copy before I even noticed this typo.

    At least, I hope it’s a typo.

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