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15 Films #4 – ‘2.0///The Bridge of Sighs’

March 15, 2009

Another late blog – I was on HOLIDAY alright? I deserve a holiday don’t I? You people make me sick…

Anyway here’s the video for ‘Bridge of Sighs’ which I made myself. There may or may not be a ‘proper’ video for this when it’s released as a single but for now here’s one I made at home using nothing but my own intuition. It’s a poignant satire on the nature of life in the post-internet world, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry….

vimeo link
15 Films website

Please share this around. ‘Like’ it, send it to friends. Put it on your own blogs and things. Such acts of patronage do not go unnoticed.

I also welcome anyone who wants to contribute a video themselves. A couple of people have already chipped in so there’s no reason why you can’t. Get in touch. If you can’t work out how to get in touch then I pity you.


2.0-xplosion – 15 films in 15 weeks

February 21, 2009

So the internet is the future, right? No. Actually the internet is the present, and exciting though it is, it’s pretty much part of the furniture now. The only people who think it’s the future are the people who never really got it to start with. People like me.

Anyway as an attempt to make peace with the omniscient spiderweb of doom, as its fractal tentacles tighten their grip around our very perception of reality, I’ve decided to make a video to go with every song on my album. I’ll upload them one per week for the next 15 weeks. These aren’t going to be ‘proper’ videos as such, just something to point your eyes at whilst you listen to the songs. Seeing as I’ve never made a video before in my life I might get some people to help me. You might even like to make one? Why not e-mail me?

I’ve spent most of this morning making an hilariously bad attempt at a ‘real’ video in iMovie (surely the Songsmith of video editing software). I’ll upload that at some point but for now here’s the first one…

Vimeo link (better quality)

It’s a live in the studio acoustic version of ‘Stop Traveller! Stop and Read!’.

The inimitable John Brainlove has made a web page Fight My Battles For Me – 15 Films which will host them all. There’ll also be other bits of trivia and at the moment there are some nice drawings up there to gawp at.


I’ve also started a Twitter account. So if you want to be privy to every inane thought which goes through my head for the rest of my life feel free to sign up.

while you’re at it why not join the newly-renamed Facebook Group, join my mailing list, or have a look at my bank account?


In other news Bearded Magazine’s excellent ‘BeardAid‘ subscription service is going to be releasing an 8-track download only EP of early Pagan Wanderer Lu stuff in March. You’ll have to sign up for £2 a month for which you get a copy of each new edition of the magazine and a monthly exclusive download record from a band who’ve you’ve never heard but are probably awesome. It’s like one of those things where you give a man a fish and he milks it every day for life, but for indie music…

Mine will be out on the 14th March so make sure you sign up by then or you’ll have missed it. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.