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Weekend blog

June 1, 2009

So I’m back from a weekend’s touring the land. Started in Liverpool for a gig at Elevator studio’s new ‘Leaf’ tea room/café/bar/venue all round place. Caught up with some people I’d not seen in a while and met a new member of my family. The support was a Chilean electro pop singer called Violeta who played a sort lively electro music on a microkorg and ironing board – it was somewhere between clubby dance stuff and more leftfield electronica.

After that I headed to Manchester for a gig with indiepop promoters Pull Yourself Together supported by odd trans-global antifolk duo Moustache of Insanity and humbly excellent ukelele toting troubadour Jam on Bread. It’s interesting that I got put into those two different categories on two different nights. One night electro, one night indiepop. Anyway PYT and the Moustache boys are really nice people and we stayed up late, drinking and looking up nude pictures of Burt Reynolds (nsfw) on The Internet.

The next day was the Brainlove Festival. Now in its third year, it’s basically a chance to hang out with nearly everyone I like who makes music and watch some great bands. Highlights were A Scholar And A Physician, Napoleon IIIrd’s new more industrial, noisy direction, Mat Riviere’s deliciously dark electro grooves, and singing in John Brainlove’s long-mooted ‘Thee Oracle‘ choir – he talks about it as an interactive art piece, but I really enjoyed it as a re-enactment of some really primitive communal singing. Like the music people probably made in caves. There’ll probably be a video online at some point.

I played a lot of new stuff at the gigs. Particularly at Brainstock. People seem slightly baffled by it. ‘Dark’ was the main adjective used. It seems to be a lot more different from what people are used to than I’d realised it was. They all said they liked it though, and why would they lie?

Still, looking forward to getting it finished and ‘out there’.