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New Brainlove Compilation

September 2, 2009

Those of you who enjoyed last year’s ‘Two Thousand And Ace’ will doubtless do a bit of excitement wee to hear that this year’s Brainlove compilation ‘Fear Of A Wack Planet’ is now on its way. It’ll be out on 18th October.

wack planet

It features all your usual Brainlove faves as well as some new faces including Mat Riviere who is, frankly, incredible.

It also includes a new track from me called ‘Nintendo Folk’ which is exclusive to the compilation – as it should be.

It’s quite different from my other stuff. I wanted to make something which fits the description in that old DiS review quote which described me as ‘Nintendo Folk’. So it’s an instrumental which uses a gameboy and an acoustic guitar for most of the sounds.

This is the rest of the tracklist:

1. Mat Riviere – ‘FYH’
2. Napoleon IIIrd – ‘Your God’
3. Stairs To Korea – ‘Boy Bear It In Mind’
4. Internet Forever – ‘Break Bones’
5. A Scholar & A Physician – ‘Stand Tall’
6. Penny Broadhurst & The Maffickers – ‘Comenzo’ (live)
7. Curly Hair – ‘Hully Gully’
8. We Aeronauts – ‘The House On Ash Tree Lane’
9. Christopher Alcxxk – ‘Halo’
10. The Bear Driver – ‘No Time To Speak’
11. Kippi Kaninus – ‘Sygyt With Me’
12. Thee Oracle – ‘A/I/M/Y’
13. Pagan Wanderer Lu – ‘Nintendo Folk’
14. Ratface – ‘Fruit An Veg’
15. Trademark – ‘At Loch Shiel’
16. Fidel Villeneuve – ‘Two Of The Beatles Have Died’
17. Ace Bushy Striptease – ‘Post Hummus’
18. Planet Earth – ‘4 23’
19. Sparky Deathcap – ‘Winter City’
20. Keyboard Choir – ‘Tachikoma’
21. Kid Carpet – ‘Go Get Yourself A Hammer’
22. Laura Wolf – ‘Love Was Dead’
23. gwEm – ‘Ancient Art Of Chiptune’
24. Braindead Collective – ‘Untitled #1’
25. Heartbeeps – ‘Glacial Valleys’
26. MRBLKRSHRRRR – ‘Jackie Collins’
27. Jam On Bread – ‘Wikipedia Says I’m Dying’