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15 Films – #3 ‘Pockets in Shrouds’

March 5, 2009

This week’s video is online now. It’s a live version of new song ‘Pockets in Shrouds’ featuring Laura and David from the Volunteers. Shot last saturday at Tinkinswood Burial Chamber in Cowbridge.

Vimeo Link (better quality)

I hope you’re all sharing these videos by the way. I don’t make them just so you can keep them all to yourselves. Re-link, trackback, download them onto your twitter and bebo them all over spotify until you can no longer your facebook. You know… the internet.

In further news I chalked up two appearances on Sweeping the Nation this week. On Monday they reviewed ‘Fight My Battles For Me’ – I think this is the first review that’s appeared, I could be wrong. Then they asked me a few jolly questions about my record buying life.

I’m also featured in this week’s Artrocker with some kind words from their Cardiff correspondent. You’ll find it on page 10. It’s much better than my last mention in Artrocker, which consisted of three question marks between some parentheses.

Onwards and upwards. Next week there might be two videos to choose from for the same song.