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15 Films – #2 ‘Good Christian/Bad Christian’

February 28, 2009

After a short delay caused by the Internet. Here is this week’s video. The aim is going to be to get them online each friday to get you in the weekend mood.

This one was made by Cardiff’s bienjamu – a shadowy figure sometimes seen fronting Hornby Pylons and playing stylophone in Little My.

Vimeo link (better quality)


In other news very sad to hear that the Point – Cardiff’s beautiful converted church venue down the bay has had to close down. Apparently financial reasons brought about by all the money they were forced to spend soundproofing are to blame. I think ultimately the blame lies with Cardiff council’s decision to green light yet more new flats by greedy property developers – despite half the flats down the bay being empty.

Surely it would’ve made sense to have an office building instead? No one’s going to be bothered by bands playing when they’ve gone home at 5.30. You can’t really blame the people who lived there. Although it was pretty stoopid to move into a flat next door to a live music venue then complain about it. I used to live opposite the Castle pub in Aberystwyth. Now that was loud. No soundproofing there let me tell you.

In the same flat I lived next door to a man who sat up all night with Ceefax on and the test tone/light jazz playing at full volume. That was annoying too.