‘Fight My Battles For Me’ released today!

So… the day has come. My album is out out out and in shops to buy. I have seen it, with my own eyes, in HMV Cardiff…


It’s been a long time coming. To mark the occasion the people at the Independent Online and last.fm have got me doing a special blog all this week with a free download compilation called ‘Road Safety Facts’ containing mostly non-album tracks.
You can find it here:
(don’t ask why that had to be the URL…)

Casual listeners may find a couple of songs uploaded that you’ve not got already. Die hards will want to wait until Day 5 when there’ll be a brand new song available. Plus assorted musings and reminiscences on nine years of PWL. I’ll continue blogging here too, but won’t be doubling up so add ^that one to yr RSS.

All that remains now is to see if anyone likes it or buys it. Tra la la….

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2 Responses to “‘Fight My Battles For Me’ released today!”

  1. Scatmania » Blog Archive » Pagan Wanderer Lu In HMV Says:

    […] Here’s the announcement on the Pagan Wanderer Lu blog. […]

  2. Ruth Says:

    That is so amazingly cool! Congratulations.

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