Free EP: Mostly Furniture

Hello – Happy New Year etc,

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. This is an EP of instrumentals I made quite a while back. All of them are over a year old – some older. I compiled it a while back and called it ‘Mostly Furniture’. A few of them have been on the PWL’s Junk Shop myspace for a while so you may already have heard them.

Most of them are improvisations.

1. Factory Made (2.35) (circa 2008)
This is a simple improv with the Kaossilator – a.k.a. the little yellow box I use at gigs.
2. Stylomon (5.02) (2007)
This is an improv with the monome 256 and some samples from a stylophone.
3. I Hate Vigilantes (7.43) (2005 or 06)
This is something I made in the first week I had ableton live to learn how to use it. I thought it sounded a bit New Order-y. I later used one of the sounds I made for this in ‘The Tree of Knowledge’. I haven’t re-listened to it in a while but it is not, if I recall correctly, particularly good.
4. England Didn’t Expect That (5.12) (2007)
This is the loops from ‘England Expects’ slowed down to the minimum bpm and messed with.
5. Have You Killed (10.56) (2007 or 08)
Can’t entirely remember how I made this.
6. Joe Colombo’s Chair (3.44) (2008 I think)
A bit more ‘composed’ this one – all done in ableton. If you only download one of these make it this one.
7. So Lonely I Was Sick On My Player Piano (3.15) (2007 or 08)
This was recorded as backing music for my appearance on a Welsh music show. We did a weird black and white bit in the middle which didn’t entirely work. It’s a piano version of ‘(Sick of) Playing Solo’.



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