New album – ‘The Signal and the Noise’

So it’s been a while, but I’m pleased to announce that Brainlove Records will be releasing my new album ‘The Signal and the Noise’ on 4th June.

This will be the first album released under my own name – Andrew Paul Regan – rather than the anagrammatically-derived pseudonym I used between 2000 and 2010. It just felt like the right time for a change. Ten years with a daft name is enough.

The record is ten songs rooted in small fictions – covering cargo cults, obscure spy technology, the rise of machines, long lost siblings, and the rose-tinted past. Taken as a whole I think the record is about how human beings instinctively seek out narratives as a way to understand ourselves and the world we’re in. It’s also about what happens when the stories we cherish knock uncomfortably against reality, or when narratives break down in the age of too much information.

This is the tracklist:

The Signal and the Noise

1. John Frum Will Return
2. Checker Charley
3. Mistakes Our Parents Made
4. The Omniscient Narrator
5. The Easy Road
6.Spy Numbers
7. One Time Pad
8. Infinite Babies
9. The Good Old Days
10. In Potential

Musically I think it’s a natural progression from European Monsoon. More electronics, more guitars, but if anything I’d characterise it as a bit simpler, more pared back in places. It also features strings played by ex-PWL band members David Madoc Roberts and Eleanor Tyrell, and track 3 features guest vocals from Liz Hunt of Cardiff’s premier indie pop band The School.


You can listen to ‘John Frum Will Return’ now on my new bandcamp page, where you can also preorder the record.

The disc will come in really lush limited edition handmade gatefold cardboard sleeves with a cut-out ‘choose your own cover’ type thing. Artwork is again by Croatoan Design’s Adam Chard, who also did the birds for European Monsoon. Pictures below!







People who order before the release date will get ‘John Frum’ as a download straight away, a full album download before the release date and a bonus disc called ‘Ah, the Digital Nonsense’ featuring more new tracks.

I’ll be doing live shows later in the year, including at the annual Brainlove Festival on 26th May.

See you all around soon.


New links:

My new blog is at:
My new website is
Which currently just points to my bandcamp at
My twitter remains @paganwandererlu but you can also follow @selfdoubtgun for more about the new blog
E-mail is now andy [at] andrewpaulregan [dot] co [dot] uk.


4 Responses to “New album – ‘The Signal and the Noise’”

  1. colin regan Says:

    Awaiting with interest.

  2. scatmania Says:

    Sounds great. Saw the words “cargo cult” and immediately thought of the story of John Frum, so I was delighted to see that this has inspired a track on this album. Then… “obscure spy technology”… and a track called “Spy Numbers”… might you have taken an interest in Numbers Stations (a particularly fascinating bit of cold war-era cryptographic history that inspired my Javascript one-time-pad tool?

    I’ll tell you what: I can’t wait to find out. And while I’m not sure that I approve of the new name (“Andrew Paul Regan? What’s THAT supposed to mean, eh?”), I’m looking forward to doing so in June. Preordered.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    the packaging looks great!

    • paganwandererlu Says:

      Oh crap, that means its wrong on the sleeve too. 😦

      You couldn’t have posted this a few weeks ago? 😉

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