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‘Pockets in Shrouds’ EP + free Guided by Voices cover

December 14, 2009

The last single from ‘Fight My Battles For Me’ is out today in digital form only from iTunes, Amazon etc, and yr friendly local download shoppe.

It includes the last two outtakes from the FMBFM sessions, as well as the two songs recorded at Dreamtrak with Oli Horton from A Scholar & A Physician, Laura and Chris of Internet Forever, Will “Stairs To Korea” Vaughan, and John Brainlove for the ’15 Films’ thing.

Last but not least there’s a frankly awesome R&B club friendly remix by Chris Alcxxk from Internet Forever complete with auto-tune.

It’s already had a nice review here.

So to recap:


1. Pockets In Shrouds
2. The ending makes what came before a story
3. Brighton Pier
4. The Gentlemen’s Game (Dreamtrak Session)
5. England Expects (Dreamtrak Session)
6. 2.0///The Bridge of Sighs (Internet Forever remix)

And why not revisit this delightful video of myself and the Volunteers performing the song at a 4,000 year old burial chamber?


For a christmas treat I have donated an exclusive cover version of ‘I Am A Scientist’ by Guided by Voices to the Maps Magazine Advent calendar. I’ve re-done the scrappy lo-fi original as an electro pop number. Hope you like.

In other news I am 10,000 days old today. Thanks.


England Expects live video

April 16, 2009

This week’s video. An ace live-in-the-studio session with various friends from the Brainlove family.

Vimeo link.

Recorded and filmed by Oli who also mixed the album (that’s him on piano) at his Dreamtrak studios in London. Chris Alcxxk is on drums, Laura Wolf is on synth, John Brainlove is doing tape machine vocals. I’m playing the omnichord via a kaoss pad. It’s fun.

We also did one other song which will be posted soon. See if you can guess which one it’s going to be.