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Woodstick 2009

August 16, 2009

Last weekend my friends Harri & Nicola from Little My organised the second annual ‘Woodstick’ mini-festival. This takes place in a park in Cardiff and is a small unamplified festival. This year it was sunny, last year it rained. This year more people just happened to wander past and sit down to watch which is a nice thing to have happen.

Anyway I played, here’s a video (which I’m designating #14 of the 15 films thing):

Vimeo link

Also here’s a video of me playing in Silence at Sea:

And here’s a link to a YouTube playlist with a song from every band that day, including the Gentle Good, Picture Books in Winter, Zissou, Lucky Delucci, and an exclusive never-to-be-repeated Gindrinker song.

[If any of the bands stumble upon this post and want to let me know what the songs are called please do so.]


Silence At Sea’s Welsh Museum song

March 31, 2009

As some of you know, in my spare time I play bass in a band called Silence at Sea. Said band has just contributed a song to a project to collect ‘musical responses’ to items in the National Museum of Wales.

It’s a song about Vincent Van Gogh. He was a famous artist.

You can download it from here.

Here’s a picture of us:

Laura (on the left) who sings lead vocals in S@S and David (on the right) who plays violin also appear on my album. You may recognise Gareth (middle) and Nicola (right) from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ video. We’re just one big, happy, musically incestuous family.