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April 6, 2010

Here’s another free mp3. I found this one whilst rearranging my folders. It’s dated 06/09/2008. Another instrumental experiment. Not entirely sure how I did this. Looking at the workflow it seems like I was experimenting with noise gates at different volumes to trigger different effects. I’m pretty sure this is basically a live take of a guitar over a drum loop but I can’t remember. I’d sort of forgotten it existed. The only change I’ve made today is a slight fade.

Anyway listening again it’s quite creepy. A bit like Boards of Canada stuck in a traffic jam with Tom Waits.

Unguitar mp3

Oh and go on, whilst we’re on the subject here’s another experiment with guitar from about a year later. This time everything was done after recording. As the name suggests, I was going for a bit of a Fennesz feel. This was done the same day as ‘judddr’ which I uploaded a while ago.

Fenntesszt mp3

(Don’t forget I do actual songs as well. European Monsoon available to preorder now from me and Brainlove…)